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First Front Door- Homebuyer Program

As a first-time homebuyer, you could qualify for a grant up to $5,000 to help with a down payment and closing costs Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh will match a qualified homebuyer’s contribution 3-to-1.  For every $1 you contribute, you can receive $3 in grant assistance up to $5,000. How to Qualify: May not have […]

3 Ways to Transform Your Unused Dining Space.

This may just be the end of the formal dining room as we know it. Millennials are the generation most known for skipping the whole “formal dining room” thing, With more and more people foregoing the seemingly useless space, it begs the question… “what do I do with this space now?” What is your dining […]

What’s on my desk

I spend more and more time at my desk these days, doing everything from preparing the family taxes to working on this blog. Because of this, my workspace is constantly changing. Holding the clutter at bay is challenging, so I prefer to keep nearby only a few quality items that serve multiple purposes over a […]


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Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a Homebody, Creator, and Mentor. I help people find inspiration in their homes and inside themselves.

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